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The LF1500 is a high-quality professional low fog machine that uses smart technology to create a dry ice effect without needing any CO2 or dry ice to achieve it. It has an extremely durable flight case design with wheels on the bottom, making it perfect to transport between locations without the worry of any damage occurring.

This low lying fog machine uses ultrasonic technology and water in order to achieve the low lying effect. On the inside of the unit is a piezoelectric transducer that produces a resonating frequency, making the water turn into mist without any heating up needed. The smoke fluid that is filled in the tank built into the machine helps thicken the mist to create a cloud-like effect on the floor.

Once the initial heating time of 8 minutes has passed, this low level fog machine can operate continuously without any cooldown times needed. This makes it great for all-day events like festivals, and the huge 5L smoke fluid tank capacity allows youto use it for several hours before a refill is needed.

There are DMX connections on the back of this low fogger that allow you to use it with DMX software or hardware for full control over the output. Using DMX, you are able to adjust the smoke output as well as the fan speed to choose how much smoke is emitted and how far it reaches, making this machine great for events of different sizes with varying requirements.

You can also operate this low fog machine in standalone mode without the need for any other equipment using the integrated LCD display menu. On this menu, there is a ‘manual’ button that you can hold to set off the machine manually, and there is also a timer function so you can set the machine to emit smoke automatically at chosen times with custom durations.

Key Details

  • Professional low fog machine with a sturdy flight case design and wheels for easy transport
  • Using ultrasonic technology, this machine operates using standard smoke fluid and water without any CO2 needed
  • Continuous output after the initial heat-up time with adjustable fan speed and smoke output
  • DMX connectivity to adjust the fan speed and smoke output using DMX hardware or software
  • Built-in LCD display menu with a manual activation and timer function for automatic bursts of smoke

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